Mission Statement

The mission of the Boothbay Harbor One Design Association, is three fold:

1. Perpetuation of the classic fleets of boats of the Boothbay Region: the Boothbay Harbor One Design, the Christmas Cove One Designs, the Hodgdon 21, the Boothbay 20 and the Great Lakes 21.

2. Provision of funding for community youth sailing

3. Furthering the sailing traditions of the Boothbay Region and Maine.

We foster the education and enjoyment of sailing and projects that support our mission by offering opportunities to children, sailors and non-sailors alike to share their common interest in all aspects of sailing and classic sailboats.  We gather in the spirit of fellowship, adventure and love of sailing history to share our skills and experience. Our calendar includes socials, sailing events and races.

We are a 501(c)3 Maine corporation.  Membership and donations are fully deductible according to law.



If you have an affinity for sailing any of these classic sailboats as well as fine craftsmanship please see our membership page to learn how you can join and help.  You may be a boat owner, crew, or builder or a lover of classic boats. 


Benefits of Membership

Benefits accruing to individuals and families when they join BHOD ASSOCIATION:

  • Being a part of an organization devoted to the preservation, restoration and enjoyment of our classic sailboats.
  • Supporting community youth sailing.
  • Being a part of a network of sailing enthusiasts where common interests, fellowship and experiences are shared.
  • Access to members who own classic boats of a particular make, model and year  through our bi-annual Boothbay Harbor One Design Association Directory listing builders, boat locations, names and more.
  • Help establishing fleet status where three or more boats will be racing together in any one locality.
  • Access to sources, resources and knowledge needed to help resolve vintage boat restoration, maintenance and operational issues.
  • Participation in all BHOD Association social and boating events on land and on the water.
  • Ability to race competitively in Boothbay Harbor Yacht Club races and GMORA races in Boothbay Harbor, Maine.
  • Opportunity to win BHOD Association awards.
  • Access to sailing clinics - .

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